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Friday, 14 October 2011

"Jason and his Girlfriend "

It had been two weeks since the frat house, and we were ready for another trip, but where, Bob asked if I had rather see Jason and his girlfriend or Tony and his friend. I thought for a minute and decided it should be Jason, so Bob made the call and arranged for the weekend, that was two weeks ago.

When we arrived at the Holiday Inn I showered and sitting naked on the bed called Jason, he was about 20 minutes away, and said they would hurry, I asked her name, it was Danasha. Bob and I lay on the king sized bed and fooled around until Jason knocked on the door.

When Bob let them in I was delighted, if this was to be my first girl girl then I was lucky. She was stunning, Light brown skinned, with full tits, and a big round ass, and narrow hips, she still had baby fat.. The face was beautiful with full lips. She put a small bag on the dresser and told me we would have fun with her toys later. I knew we would love her. I said she was beautiful.

Danasha began to undress and told me I was also beautiful and she would make me very happy, she kneeled on the bed and kissed me, her lips were so soft and her tongue went to the back of my mouth, it was so long and she knew how to use it. I lay back and relaxed, this time someone else was in control.

I felt her hand on my pussy and she inserted two fingers and began to fuck me with her hand. Then she began to suck my breasts, I was in heaven, I opened my eyes and looked over at the boys who were sporting hard cocks which they were stroking.

Danasha mentioned that Jason said I always let Bob fuck me first, but this time lets do something different. She asked that we both get on our knees and let them take us doggy before she fucked me. I wondered what she had in mind for me.

We got on our knees, side by side with our shoulders and hips touching and she asked the boys to come over and fuck us but she wanted Bob to do her and Jason to do me. Jason slid his foot of cock in me, and Bob gave her his seven inches. I heard Bob moan and say it felt like a velvet hand was squeezing his cock. Danasha leaned over and began kissing me as our men fucked us. Jason's cock felt harder than ever. Probably from watching Bob fuck his woman.

The bed and our ass's were shaking and the boys said it was a site to see, Danasha had her tongue half way down my throat and asked if I could deep throat, I told her no, she said she could and would teach me someday, and when the boys finished she would take them both and clean their cocks. Bob came first and pulled out of Danasha who came around and began milking Jasons balls and rubbing my clit. She said they had told her how I shook when I would cum and she was waiting for a show. I said if she continued rubbing me it would be soon, Jason began to pick up speed and was soon dumping a load in my pussy, when my pussy began to swell from so much cum I began to shake all over and had a gigantic orgasm, I could not stop shaking and Danasha loved it.

I fell on my face and Jasons cock came out. I rolled over to the side of her and saw Bob's cock all the way in her mouth. He pulled out and she sucked his cock clean. Then she lay on her back with her head hanging over the side and told me this was the only way she could take all of Jason's cock. He began to slide it down her throat and I swear I could see it in her throat. Jason was fucking her throat. She pushed him away and his cock came out clean. I was amazed and am sure I could never do that.

I was on my back and she began eating my pussy, her tongue was long and was licking Jasons cum out of me. I asked her to use some of her toys and she got up and got a double ended dildo I asked her how long it was and she said 30 inches, and came back to the bed. She asked if I had ever seen one and I said I had in a porn movie Bob and I had watched.

We lay in opposite directions and she asked Bob to come over and put it in my pussy first and then in hers. I thought Bob would explode as he pushed it in Danasha and them me. She asked him to fuck us with it, and he began sliding it back and forth, from her to me and back to her. I told her this was nice but in the movie we saw the girls pushed their pussies together and would grind them together. Bob stopped and he and Jason watched us go at it.

Remember this thing was thirty inches and we were trying to give each other 15 inches each. It took us a while but finally our pussies were rubbing together. Danasha said when I started shaking this would really feel good and she had already had an orgasm. Bob and Jason were stroking their cocks which were hard as a rock. She told them they might as well cum cause they weren't getting anymore of our pussies, they were hers, hers, hers.

We fucked like this for a while, and Jason, and Bob came over with their cocks in their hands and Danasha sucked Bob and I sucked Jason until they gave us a load to swallow, I couldn't swallow all of Jason's but did manage to get most of it down. With Jason cumming I went over the edge and began to shake, and I had my orgasm, which Danasha said she loved to watch. She had already had one while sucking on Bob's cock.

We got up and took a shower together. We lathered each other, and rubbed our bodies together, she felt so good, soft and firm at the same time. Her body was so slick with the soap and water, I sucked her breast and told her I wish I could make love to her. She said do you mean fuck me, I said " well yeah ", and she told me she would show me how and asked if I knew what a strap on was, I did.

We went back to the bedroom and she got the strap on from her bag and they all had fun fitting me to it, and putting a 10 inch black cock in the hole.

Danasha was on the bed with her legs spread, and holding her arms out for me. I got between her legs and kissed her pussy, then slipped all ten inches up her pussy. I began to suck her tits and was in heaven running my hands over her body and squeezing her tits. She was moaning and telling what a good job I was doing for my first time. I thought to myself, heck I'm just doing it to you like I like to be fucked.

She told me she wanted to get on top, so we rolled over. She was a beautiful site, kneeling over me with her tits swaying just a little, Just a little because they were so tight. I wanted to watch her all night. Then she lay on top of me and called Jason over and asked him to fuck her ass. He got behind her and had no trouble feeding all ten inches into her ass. I wish I could have felt it, but no, the dildo did. We fucked or I should say they did for a while until she had an orgasm and asked him to cum in her ass, that happened soon.

Well all good things must end, and this was no exception, Danasha had to go to work, so they left and we went to sleep. Sometime later I felt Bob sucking on my breast, he knows I will always fuck when he does that. We did and went back to sleep.

On the way home Bob asked if Tony and friend were next, but I said I wasn't sure. I was working on Carol my best friend who wasn't getting any from her husband Mike. I want to convert her and take her with us to see Tony and friend, but these are other stories. When they happen you readers will be the first to know.