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Friday, 30 September 2011

Sex on Stairs

Years ago, I had a discreet FWB type relationship with this girl, we did it 6 or more times, but the hottest encounter was when we did it on the stairwell of her house. We were at this party thrown at her house. She was wearing a red tank and black skirt and I was in a white shirt and blue jeans. Both of our parents were present there too, so "doing it" was just out of the question. We were secretly flirting and once in a while we would pull each other to an empty corner and kiss. I was talking to a friend of mine at the party, she suddenly bumped in and whispered in my ear "meet me at the stairs that leads to the roof in five minutes". And so I went, as soon as reached there, she saw me and without even saying anything she took my belt off, unhooked the button, unzipped the chain and grabbed my cock, which made me even harder. While holding on it with one hand she used her other hand to lift her skirt and quickly took a sit on the stairs. She then pulled my penis towards her vagina and shoved it in it. She was seriously wet and kept moaning while I was pushing and pulling my dick into and out of her smooth pussy, I guess I was hitting her G-Spot on every thrust. She put her hands under my shirt, scratching my nipples and back, and I was kissing her softly on the lips also licking her neck. Right before the climax could take place, we heard someone walking by and we had to stop immediately.